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The Credit Card Lenders List

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This is the ebook that beats them all. Ever wanted to know what specific credit cards etc actually report to. Amex, Chase, Citibank & over 100 credit cards are available inside that give data points on:

  • Credit Bureaus
  • Credit Score (select cards)
  • Credit Limit (select cards)
Imagine knowing the specific bureaus that a credit card reports too; You then can leverage that data into minimizing hard inquiries and building your credit report strategically. You also give yourself greater approval odds when you know which credit score is needed to be approved.

For example if you have a 645 Experian score, 675 Equifax score, 600 Transunion score, you can go into this ebook and find all credit cards that you can be approved for with just your Equifax score (since its your highest score). This eliminates unneccessary hard inquiries and denials.

This information is not available everywhere. Ask someone if they have THE CREDIT CARD LENDERS LIST and chances are they will tell you no. Dont miss out grab yours now while its available.
You will get a PDF (895KB) file
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